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IKnewIt’s Partner Program enables media companies, publishers
& news portals to deepen user engagement, boost  virality
and turn your visitors into returning loyal users

Our Technology Helps Publishers To Achieve

Recurring Visitors
Traffic Growth
The Challenge

The Media Industry Is Being Disrupted

The rise of social media and internet have fundamentally changed how content is experienced, and readers’ expectations of their relationship with content.


Bring Your Content To The Next Level Of Engagement

It is no longer enough to write a story and distribute it. Readers demand engagement, conversation, and to be part of the storytelling. They want their voice to be heard.


Regain Control Over Your Content

With IKnewIt, publishers are empowered to meet the demands of the new content age. IKnewIt’s experiential content units deliver the engaging, fun, memorable experiences readers expect while increasing virality and brand lift for the business.

We Make It Simple To Engage (& Re-engage) Your Readers

Having seen medias & publishers failing to engage their users through mediocre poll and comments tools, we took up the challenge and created one game-changing tool.

A simple embedded technology for engaging users through intelligent questions, a viral comments section spiced up with a notification engine that will bring your users back to your content over and over again.

Learn how a partnership with IKnewIt can help your company improve the level of your audience engagements:

Grow Your Audience

Through questions, we redirect users from our platform directly to our publishers’ content, bringing you an extra source of traffic. The better the questions, the more readers, who are genuinely interested in the topics you write about, will come your way.

Boost Engagement

By adding a layer of interaction inside your digital content you will open your channels to a two way communication where the opinion of your users matters and is recognised. Publishers also use our widget in their content to engage users and keep them coming back to their sites.

Make Your Content More Fun & Interactive

Our mobile platform allows audience to choose topic they are most interested in and have fun predicting against their friends and other industry experts. An extra layer of interaction connected with social networks makes the content more engaging and viral.

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