We are on a quest to build a high-performance team to grow our startup and make it a global success.

In order to build this awesome team we are looking for talented people with the following Core Values:

1- Growth: someone who is actively acting to grow as a person and as a professional.

2- Speed: Knows how to get things done fast.

3- Teamwork: It’s a team player and enjoys being part of a high-performance team.

4- Makes Awesome Stuff: Has the skills, knowledge, and attitude to over achieve what’s is expected.

5- Ambition: Wants to make big things happen.

Those are the 5 Core Values we have in iKnewit. We use them to select the right talent that joins us and we also use them to develop even more during our careers in the startup.

Right now we are looking for people who want to help us with the following Missions:

1- Build a strong network of partners around the world.

2- Analyze, experiment, and design how our platform will evolve, making an awesome product for all our stakeholders.

3- Build a world-class technology that supports millions of users from all around the globe.

We have a really exciting vision, we are making something unique, and we are building a great team to build a meaningful and global startup.

If you believe you are a great match (based on our Core Values) and you believe you can contribute (based on our Missions) then we would love to get to know you, let you know more about what are we doing and discuss how we can collaborate.

Complete this form and we will send you more information about what is next.