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IKnewIt is an interactive content platform that provides publishers and brands with the tools to create dynamic, engaging experiences for audiences.

As an engagement platform, it not only helps media organisations reach out to their audience but also provides an avenue for the audience and community to have meaningful discussions amongst themselves on topics they are passionate about.

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Our mobile platform allows the audience to choose a topic they are most interested in and have fun predicting against their friends and other industry experts.

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Media companies, publishers, news portals, advertisers any size leverage IKnewIt solutions to deepen reader engagement and generate data-driven insights.

The media industry is being disrupted by the internet and social media.

We believe publishers are working really hard to create fresh and unique content. But after, all the interaction is happening in social media being them who monetise all the impressions and not who created the content in the first place. We don’t believe that’s fair. 

~ Martin Perez, Founder of IKnewIt

When we first heard of IKnewIt, we thought it had an interesting concept that can be incorporated into a lot of our products. People love the ability to predict, and with IKnewIt, not only do they get that experience, they also get to keep track of how accurate their predictions are overtime. We believe this would generate a lot of engagement between the users of the app, especially when it is integrated with good content and we’re excited to see where this will head towards.

Donavan TanMedia Prima Digital

You knew that Barisan Nasional (BN) would win the most seats in the 2013 Malaysian General Election. You predicted that Germany would win FIFA World Cup in 2014. You had a gut feeling that Farah Ann Abdul Hadi would emerge gymnast champion for the SEA Games this year. You pride yourself with the ability to ‘predict the future’ and you can get rewarded for your intuition skills on social platform IKnewIt.

Sarah E.Vulcan Post

People love it when they’re right, and even more so when people remember that they were right long before something came to the past. As an online publisher, we love that polls offer an extra layer of interaction between readers and our content but IKnewIt has created what an average poll cannot - a reason to return to a poll you already voted on.
I can’t wait for IKnewIt to go all the way with the product. When that day comes, I’ll get to say “I knew it!”

Judith YeohSAYS

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