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We asked six questions about the future of the Malaysian startup ecosystem to founders, investors, venture builders, government agencies, and corporates. They share their insights on how that might look like.

The Future Of The Startup Ecosystem In Malaysia is a study that brings together a diverse group of people to discuss what to expect in 2017 in the local startup scene.

We asked six questions to three main groups of people: entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates, to find out their thoughts on the future.

At iKnewit, we are fascinated by the wisdom of the crowd – the collective opinion of all participants, and how it has been proven to be very accurate in predicting the future than any given topic expert.

We understand that the startup world is inherently challenging and being able to understand the trends that are shaping the future of startups is certainly a boost. By leaning onto the wisdom of the crowd, we are hoping to shed some light onto these topics and help advance the growth of the startup ecosystem.

"The ASEAN region will register over 300m smartphone users in 2017, and Malaysia is strategically positioned to capitalise on this opportunity. 2017 will be the year of big funding rounds for a select few companies that are creating MASSIVE disruption. Smart entrepreneurs will scale quickly requiring that next funding boost to wipe out the competition. The region is creating great massive companies like Gojek, Grab and Garena and it's time for a Malaysian based startup to join that list!"

Patrick GroveCo-founder/CEO at Catcha Group

We are excited to test this concept out and to see if the Malaysian startup ecosystem can indeed benefit from the wisdom of the crowd. In the next section, we will explore the six questions, discuss some interesting patterns that emerged from the answers and find out how the three groups of people from our panel viewed the Malaysian startup climate differently.

You can join the discussions in iKnewIt platform and make your own predictions too, we will track the results and let you know the results by the end of the year.

This report was published on Business Insider Malaysia.

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Question #1

Will We See Any Malaysian-Based Startup Raising More Than 100M USD This Year?

Question #4

Will More Corporates Invest In Malaysian Startups This Year?

Question #2

Will The Malaysian Government Invest More Money Supporting Local Startups Than In 2016?

Question #5

Will 2017 Have More Exits From Malaysian Startups Than 2016?

Question #3

Will More Malaysian Startups Shut Down In 2017 Than In 2016?

Question #6

Will 2017 See More Malaysian-Based Startups Raising Funds Than In 2016?