In 2016 we saw some promising startups raising funds, with iFlix taking the lead with US$45m of funding after raising US$30m in its series A the previous year. Although the ability to raise funds is not the ultimate indicator of success, it certainly signals steady development in the ecosystem. The amount of capital available to startups in the region has been increasing year by year. More private, angels, agencies, and corporates are investing, even crowdfunding platforms are showing some great stories of funding.

The predictions made by our panel were mainly optimistic towards more Malaysian-based startups raising funds this year. The investors were the most in optimistic at 86%, and entrepreneurs were the least at 62%.

Some highlights from the discussion of this question:

Nazrim Hassan
CEO at Cradle

Answered: Yes

“Private investment is picking up. Angel investments and equity crowdfunding is starting to pick up too. Government funding is still fairly strong. So, yes – the signs are all there for a pick-up in investment.”

Patrick Grove
Co-founder/CEO at Catcha Group

Answered: No

“Fund raising is going to be harder to get in 2017 for most companies. Recent news talking about a tough VC climate, flat rounds and a challenging fundraising environment are correct. There is money out there, but investors and VCs are going to be a lot more demanding on the caliber of companies’ worthy of further funding.”

Khailee Ng
Managing Partner at 500 Startups

Answered: Yes

“Because I plan to cut more checks versus the year before, and hope to rope others in too.”

This report was published in Business Insider Malaysia.

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